Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is the OAN-SPM located ?

The following map shows the exact location of the National Astronomical Observatory in Sierra de San Pedro Mártir, Baja California, México.

mapa OAN

Longitude: 115º 27' 49'' West

Latitude: 31º 02' 39'' North

Altitude: 2830m



2. I paid a fee at the National Park entrance, and when I got to the observatory they did not allow me to enter.  Why?

If you paid a fee to enter the National Park, it only authorizes the entrance to the park and does not guarantee a visit to the observatory. The OAN-SPM and the National Park are different and independent agencies. Visits to the observatory are free and must be authorized by Head of Operations in turn.


3. How much is the ticket to visit the observatory?

Free of charge. The visit is free and subject to the authorization of Head of Operations in turn.


4. I was told that if I attend a monthly outreach event  (at the Institute of Astronomy - Ensenada), I am entitled to a visit to the observatory where I will observe with the telescopes.  Is that true?

You are welcome to attend outreach events that are held on the first Friday of each month at our facilities in Ensenada. At the end of the outreach talk, if the weather permits, the use of a portable telescope within the facilities of the Institute of Astronomy in Ensenada is allowed, but not on site OAN-SPM. You are welcome to visit the observatory, but using telescopes is not allowed to general public. Observatory telescopes are instruments for strictly scientific use.


5. My dad and I are interested in visiting the Naional Park San Pedro Mártir.  Is there any option to visit and spend the night there?

Anyone can visit the National Park and the observatory at almost any time of year except during the winter season. However, it is required to be self-sufficient in transport, fuel, food and accommodation (for camping in the National Park there are designated areas). Please see the following document available Regulation / Policy visit to the Observatory (Spanish only).


6. I am interested in visiting the observatory in December or January. I would like to know the exact dates when it will be closed to the general public.

The observatory cannot receive visitors during the last weeks of December and the first of January. If you want to visit around these dates please call (52) - (646) -174.45.80 ext 312 (in Spanish) to check if it is safe to visit the observatory.


7. I would like to visit the observatory during my next vacation.  Can I hire the observatory vehicles for transportation?

No. Observatory vehicles are for use by observatory staff. The OAN-SPM does not provide transportation or shelter, or other services to the general public.


8.  I do not have a 4x4 vehicle. Can I get to the observatory with a standard car?

All the way through the Transpeninsular highway and the observatory road is paved. In winter season it is quite possible there is snow or ice on the road. In these cases it is important that your vehicle is equipped with tire chains.


9. Have UFOs been seen?

No, they have not.


10. Does the observatory or UNAM have cabins for rent?

No. The observatory does not have capacity to provide this service.


11. Can I buy gas of food at the observatory?

No. The observatory does not provide any services to sell and neither it has the ability to do so.


12. Who can I ask for directions to the observatory?

Contact the Chief of General Services OAN-SPM Mr. Desiderio Carrasco (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). Tel (+52) - (646) -175 to 0800 ext 312 (Spanish only).


13. Who can I consult on astronomy topics?

Contact the Office of Science Outreach (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).



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